What is Robot Racing Club?

The purpose of Robot Racing Club is to teach how to build a racing robot and in the process teach how to solve problems like an engineer.

You will learn the basics of electronics, programming and mechanics to build the best possible robot you can.

But the most important skill you will learn is confidence. The confidence to say “I can make it happen”.

Building a robot might seem hard but it's not

You don't need PhD in robotics to build a robot. You can build a simple racing robot in one weekend with easy to get components. And it won't cost you a fortune to get them.

Building a robot is fun

Robotics combines many exciting fields together - computer science, machine learning, mechanics, electronics. Learning how to build a racing robot will give you basic knowledge and skills in these fields.

3! 2! 1! Race!

Once you built your racing robot, it's time to take it to the racing track and see who is the fastest!

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